Windows Vista Ultimate NVIDIA Evolution SP2 32-BIT

vista nvidia

Author: Neuropass
Code name: Nvidia evolution
Language: English US
Size: 1.59 GB (1,718,167,552 bytes)
Architecture: 32-Bit
Version based: Vista Ultimate

The information in this post is supplied “as is”. No warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, is made in relation to the accuracy,reliability or content of this post. The Author shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of theuse of, or inability to use, information or opinions expressed in this post..This is only for testing purpose and all the following files should be deleted in 24 hours time.
Nvidia evolution has been tweaked for a best performance and stability with particular reg tweak and other important setting . This time i completely left the possibility to personalize it with your favorite apps.(exactly like Ambra) The speech support hasn’t been removed (If you are a gamer guy you’ll need it in order to use software like ventrillo and others) and so almost all the languages. Printer drivers included.

Components removed:
Very Many unused features removed…

Components integrated:
1. Internet explorer 8
2. Dream scenes
3. DirectX 9 and 10 latest update (march 2009)
4. Microsoft Silverlight 2.0
5. SPTD 1.58 (it will allow you to install daemon tool or alcohol 120 without restarting)


Component substituted :
1. Windows defrag system To Perfect disk 10 (default)
2. Windows notepad to Notepad2 (default)
3. taskmanger (optional)

Default Configuration:
1. CD art plugin for Windows media player (Glass style)
2. DeskScapes
3. Flash player 10 and activex plugin
4. Jane NFO viewer 1.59
5. Win Rar 3.90 B3
6. Registry workshop

Features and bonus:
1. Special “Newage-os cPanel”
2. System sounds
3. Cursors (special set nvidia evolution Custom made)
4. Wallpapers HD
5. dream scenes and deskcapes content
6. Screensavers (two extra)
7. Glass notepad
8. Nvidia utility folder
9. Themes (special nvidia theme as default)
10. Sidebar gadgets
11. 2 Bonus dream scenes.
12. Glass CMD prompt (in aero style)
13. Special shell extension “show hidden files”
14. Shellextension “open cmd here”
15. Take ownership on .exe files (new feature)
16. Simultaneous SPDIF/Analog sound in media center with separate volume control (thanks to freakyfra***)
17. Change every single icon with a “right click”

iso size: 1.59 GB (1,718,167,552 bytes)
Md5: cfd3cd16d8564ae26cd2417e04f23ad2 @ Vistax86.iso

DOWNLOAD THE DOWNLOADER ONLY | ZIDDU (to avoid mass downloading)

60,0 KB (61.440 bytes)

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    sy Agus Suhanto, tulisan yang bagus 🙂 … salam kenal yaa

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